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Armagh City

Accommodation in Armagh, Northern Ireland

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Avarest B&B in Portrush

    Avarest B&B is a beautiful Victorian town house located in the centre of portrush, Ireland's No 1 holiday resort. Indulge yourself with our breathtaking views of the harbour, West Bay, then cast your ...

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Bed & Breakfast : Avarest B&B
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Armagh Observatory County Armagh in Northern Ireland

About county Armagh

Armagh is often known as the Orchard County, owing to the rich apple growing country centred around Loughgall in the north of the county. Each May the countryside here comes alive with colour as the pink flowers of apple trees blanket much of the deep green landscape; an annual Apple Blossom Festival celebrates the start of the season and the area's principle variety, the delicious Bramley apple. Armagh City is rich in heritage. The city is a fine specimen of Georgian elegance and one of its best known features is its Mall, once the city's racecourse, lined by elegant houses and leafy trees.

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County Armagh

As one of Ireland's oldest cities, many impressive sites and attractions can be found in the historic City of Armagh. From pre-historic Ireland to an unmatched Georgian architecture; modern day Armagh is built against a rich backdrop of history, clearly visible through its archaeological and historical sites and wonderful open spaces. There are many special things to experience in Armagh including fascinating museums, Armagh Observatory founded in 1789, the Palace Demesne & Public Park, stunning National Trust properties and much more.

Cities and villages in county Armagh

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Armagh visitor attractions

St. Patrick's Cathedral, Navan Centre and Fort, Armagh Astronomy Centre and Planetarium, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Ring of Gullion, Navan Fort, Basil Sheils, Tassagh, Armagh County Museum, Gosford Forest Park, Lough Neagh Discovery Centre, Craigavon, Armagh Observatory, Edenvilla Park, Loughgall Country Park, St. Malachy's Chapel, Annaghmare Court Tomb, Crossmaglen, Wetlands Way, Portadown.